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How Botany Works

Supercharge your existing tools and workflows!

Botany integrated with GitHub, GitLab, Jira, & Slack

Connects tools & data

Botany automatically crunches through data from popular engineering tools (GitHub, GitLab, Slack, Jira) and continuously seeks out growth and process improvement opportunities.

Uncover your unique team strengths and patterns

Happier teams, even across time zones!

Botany discovers how team members interact and helps to load balance work, and improve communication and relationships between members and across time zones.

Team health and relationship dashboards

Next, on a silver platter

Slack-based nudges

Personalized nudges

In the end it is all about action.
Botany understands how and when individuals work, and their impact to the team. Botany creates tailored nudges that are carefully designed to drive action at the best time.