Our Philosophy

Growth over Goals

We believe in continuous improvement and growth over the usual goal-setting processes. We constantly provide the insights and opportunities you need in order to become a better engineer not just achieve one-and-done goals.

Action over Analytics

We love data, but we know that without the right context or the right intentions data can tell any story. So, we don't focus on building retroactive reports that nobody can trust or act on. Botany uses signals from data along with layers of expert opinion to find and drive opportunities for real action and engagement.

Ownership over Oversight

Tyrannical micro-management is the absolute last thing a team needs for effective growth. This is why we'll never be a reporting or spying tool and we'll never be a tool to stack-rank teammates. Engineering is a team sport. We want your team to work together better, not compete against one-another.

Our Team

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Myron McMillin
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Andy Cunningham
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David Meyer

Our Investors