Writing Code

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Streamline feedback and change requests

Not only do you need to review code for the team, but you also need to write and prepare code for review. We help with the process of asking for reviews and feedback and staying informed and engaged until the changes have been approved and merged.

Botany can even help detect and automate tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone tasks related to introducing changes and requesting feedback on your code. Botany keeps things running smoothly and helps reduce confusion and review request bottlenecks.

Reviewing Code

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Remove barriers to better & faster code reviews

Botany integrates with GitHub or GitLab and becomes a powerful tool for improving code change requests, review, and approval processes.

With Botany, you as a developer will know:

  • Who needs to review your work?
  • What needs to be reviewed?
  • What's the status of your request?

Botany removes bottlenecks and helps you focus on what counts: shipping quality code faster. Botany provides smart reminders and nudges so you don't slip back into bad habits. Botany can also help automate away tedious tasks that can sometimes get ignored or forgotten. Botany improves visibility: status is always available, and you know what needs your attention.

Help reduce lag, improve code review quality, and get more reviews done more quickly.

Learning & Knowledge Sharing

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Build collective intelligence & personal expertise

Break down knowledge silos and help your team create an environment of continuous learning and knowledge sharing. Software engineering knowledge and best practices are scattered across hundreds and thousands of websites, technical documents, videos, and articles.

Botany allows your team to curate a repository of technical articles, best practices, and tips directly from your connected tools (Slack, Pocket, GitHub, GitLab). Follow specific topics, get real-time suggestions about what to read next, rate the quality of content, form healthy learning habits, track your progress, grow in your career, and make a difference for your team.

Team Insights

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Understand strengths. Automate improvement.

With Botany, your engineers develop a personal growth path where they have the freedom to master the areas that interest them. Simply put, it provides developers with the feedback and advice they need to build better habits, improve their skills, and become more valuable contributors.

Botany acts like a fitness tracker, for software engineers and managers. Botany helps teams get better by using empirical data and peer feedback to drive tailored professional growth.

Engineering Leadership

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Sixth-sense for savvy servant leaders

Engineering leader, we haven't forgotten about you.

Botany helps software engineering managers better understand their teams and lets them know when they are needed, and how they can help remove roadblocks that may be preventing their team from getting work done efficiently or successfully.

Botany helps engineering leaders and managers deeply understand their direct reports' strengths and interests so that they can create a culture of continuous growth and performance improvement.

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